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Do you feel that there are too many words but so little time? This may be the same feeling that other beginner roulette players have towards the roulette lingo. But relax. You do not have to learn all of those terms at once. You can start with just a few, and you can start right here:

En Prison - roulette players love this option, but unfortunately, it is only played in single-zero roulette. This option allows the player to keep his even-money bets even if he loses, as long as zero pops up. However, he may not take the money, thus the term "en prison"; the same bets are played for another round. He can only take the money if he wins in that round, but if not, then the casino gets it.

Even bet - this occurs when a roulette player bets that an even number will show up in the next round of spin.

Eye in the Sky - these are surveillance cameras used by the casino management to monitor what is going on in the casino. Cameras are installed to improve the security of the players, the money and the casino employees in the building. They are called as such because they are positioned in high places so that they may see a better view of what's happening in different tables such as the roulette table.

Fair Game - this is the term that corresponds to a casino game, roulette for example, in which the house has no edge over the player and vice versa. Some say that in roulette could not be a fair game, but it does not stop gamblers from playing it. They reason out that they will play the game even if there's little chance of winning because that's what gambling is all about - taking risks.

Fibonacci System - this is a betting strategy in which the amount of the next bet is the sun of the two preceding ones. For example, if a roulette player has bet $5 in the first spin, and $8 in the second one, he will be betting $13 in the third spin. The first part of the Fibonacci sequence is 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13. This strategy is used in many other games aside from roulette.

Flat Bettor - this is a roulette player who does not change the amount of his bets. He shows know variety in his betting system, and he prioritizes consistency. This may work in roulette, but not for poker; in poker, you want to confuse your opponents.


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