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Are There Good Roulette Systems?

There are various systems of roulette that have been tested out in the previous years; however a lot of those have not passed the test. A certain system called the Martingale system is one classic example of a roulette system that did not pass the test. In this system, one must continue to double up on bets that are losing and one's only certainty is that you will eventually get cleaned out. There is, nowadays, a new method though, that is called the Supabets method which relies on only two things in order to reach success. Firstly, there is the existence of various online casinos and no pit staff that could notice what a player does so you wont get thrown out; and secondly, that what one considers as a standard roulette table possesses a built-in flaw which is very easy to exploit.

Aside from the fact that there is either 0 or double zero, it is also a fact that each roulette numeral is black or red, and if one places a wager on either of the two, you can win evens. In this case, the house edge is zero or double zero gree. As we know, the roulette table is divided into three columns wherein each column would hold twelve numbers. The interesting part is that the first column has both six red numbers and six black numbers, whereas the secondary column possesses only four red numbers and eight black numbers. While lastly, the third column has four black numbers and eight red numbers.

If a player should ignore the zeros, therefore, the red and black both have a sort of equal chance of coming up. In order to use the Supabets system, a player chooses either red or black as his target in one given session. If the player chooses to wager on the red, he then bets a certain amount of money on the red color, and then wagers the exact same amount on the secondary column. If a player gets the black color, then he bets a certain amount on the black color and then an equivalent amount on the third column. Whichever choice of color you make, you are then, in effect, covering a total of twenty six numbers out of thirty eight possible numbers for only twice multiplied by the amount of your wager.

If a player's color of choice turns up, then he gets back an even amount of money, wherein that particular spin did not cost him at all! Therefore, if a player should win on the column that he has selected, he will then make one half of what he wagered in profit; and if the player's color and column turn up, then he wins 1.5 times of his primary wager.

Take note that this can only be played online as there is no one to police what you do. If it were played in a real life casino, then one of the staff would certainly spot you and make you leave the casino premises.