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Little-Known Facts of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most glamorous games in the world, played by both the affluent and the not-so-affluent, and featured countless times in movies and in television. There's a special reason why roulette is such an exciting and popular game, and this is its overwhelming appeal. Just watching the wheel spinning round and round has attracted many a gambler to try his luck in roulette.

Roulette boasts of a rich history that dates back to more than three centuries ago. Roulette was believed to have been invented by the famous French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal, who also gave the world its first calculator. Roulette became popular in Europe particularly in France and then was imported by the Americans, resulting in two versions: the European roulette and the American roulette.

Part of roulette's appeal is its breathtaking ambience and glamour. People are attracted to the beautiful, polished wooden wheel embellished in bright chrome colors, as well as the well-dressed croupier in charge of the game. In fact, the roulette wheel is considered a masterpiece comparable to the Swiss watch.

Do you know that roulette is also a scientific and mathematical game? No, this doesn't mean that you can win in roulette as long as you have a degree in mathematics or something. Roulette has attracted many mathematicians, physicists and engineers to study the game due to its close relation to fields of science like physics and mechanics.

Perhaps the best reason why roulette is very popular is because of the handsome gains attached to it. Roulette offers a wide range of bets ranging from 2-to-1 up to 38-to-1. This means that you can increase the probable rewards by betting on bets with higher odds of winning.

With the existence of online casinos and online games, roulette has also jumped to the virtual world of the Internet where millions of people who can't afford to play in real casinos are afforded the opportunity to play roulette for money or for free. Although these online games lack the glamour and sophistication of real roulette games, the rules and the bets remain the same. Plus it's cheaper and more convenient to play roulette at home through the Internet than to go to a casino.

It's doubtful that the art of playing roulette will be gone in the foreseeable future. With countless enthusiasts of the game, that shiny and magnificent roulette wheel will remain one of the hottest attractions in both land-based and online casinos for many years to come.