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Seven Gamblers Sue the Ameristar Casino

On March 21st, 2007, seven gamblers have filed lawsuits against the Ameristar Casino located in St. Charles, Montana. The seven gamblers say that the Ameristar casino withholds money from them and cheated them out of the points that they earned when the Ameristar Casino changed their video poker rewards system.

The Ameristar Casino has a rewards system that allows their video poker players earn points which they could exchange for food, money back guarantees and the status of their card.

The points that will be earned will be based on how much the customer will spend while gambling. But back in August, the Ameristar casino changed their program so now the customers has to spend around $8 dollars to $16 dollars on the video poker game just to earn some points, which is about 2 to 4 times the amount of cash that the customers needed to spend in order to earn some points. The lawsuit also states the Ameristar Casino failed to inform the customers of the changes.

The casino is being sued for a total of $150 million dollars in actual and punitive charges. The lawyer for the seven gamblers, Attorney Arthur Muegler Jr. is hoping that their case will be classified as a class-action lawsuit because this problem may affect the 300,000 customers of the casino.

Muegler also said that the main issue in this is a big business in their community lying to its customers. The Vice President and Assistant Manager of the St. Charles Casino, Mark Van Buren said that they feel that the lawsuit has no substance.


28 August 2007