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Playing Online Roulette

Roulette is a game with huge history behind it. Because of this vast history, the majority of people are associating gambling and casinos with the image of the wheel of the roulette. No wonder, truly it is a symbol of gambling and casinos. It became one of the first gambling games which appeared in the casinos all over the world.

With the advance of technology online gambling possibility has appeared. Both the internet and gambling industry saw the huge potential lying in each other, therefore in a very short time a bond has been made, at a point where the technology made it possible. And thus the online casinos have appeared. The online casinos are not really very different from the traditional brick and mortar casinos. The difference lies in the digital entity of it. In short, there are mainly the same games are available in the online casinos as in brick and mortar casinos, and even more. Informatics gave the possibility for more game variations to conquer the gamblers, mainly slots. But there is one game, which remained the same all this time and that is the roulette.

Online roulette is the same as the land based roulette. There are basically two types of roulette. There is the European and the American type. There is only one slight difference between the two: there is one extra number in the American, so to say. American casinos introduced the double zero option, which is represented by the green color, and it is seen as ‘00’. In rest everything is the same.

It is very easy to find an online roulette table and very easy to gamble. First you have to decide in which casino you want to register, or if you are registered in one, than your job is even easier. You just start betting. The rules of the games are fairly simple, but there are a lot of types of bets involved. The game is all about a wheel and a small ball. The croupier will spin the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other one and after the ball looses momentum it will stop and fall into a bracket placed on the roulette wheel. The roulette has also a table, right next to it. This is where you can select your bets. You will see a large table, with numbers in it, and every number has its own color, respectively black or red. The numbers are from 1 to 36. Like it was mentioned there is one or two other numbers, depending on which kind of roulette you are playing. This has a green color, and it is the closes to the wheel. Also next to the table in which there are the numbers there are other brackets. This means that there are other gambling options. Basically you put your chips according to your best guess what will be the outcome of the game. The winning is decided by the chances of your bet. If you place your chips on a number than you will earn much more, than if you would have placed it on a color, because you are allowed to choose a color too. Next to the numbers there are brackets, like I said. There is the possibility to bet on one of the colors, red or black. In the same time, you can bet on more groups of numbers. You can choose the first, second or third dozen, or the first half or the second half as it is represented on the table. If you take a closer look, there is another choice: to gamble on one column of numbers, which are underneath the numbers’ table. If this wasn’t enough, there is another option. Odd or even, this means that you can guess whether the number will be pair or impair, as it is shown on some tables. But don’t limit only on these. You can bet on one or more numbers, or if you place your chips on a line than both numbers will be selected, and if you will place your chip on a corner then all you are gambling on all four numbers.

The game might seem that it is all about guessing. Well, in fact it isn’t just guessing. There is a huge doze of luck in it, that is true, but there are also strategies with you can win. Also this is a game where you can play without loosing, and this is the reason it is excluded by many of the best online casinos from the wagering requirements needed to withdraw bonus. This is because if you place a bet on the red and black at the same time, and the wager on each color is the same, than you will loose as much money as much you will win, therefore you remain with the same amount.

Lot’s of times roulette is called the Devil’s wheel game. This is mainly because it is a win or loose game most of the time. There can be huge wins but also huge losses. Many lost a fortune and many became rich. The game has a sort of glamor, which might grab the players. Those who are feeling lucky are much likely to leave the table with their wallets decimated. For example if a player puts a huge wager on a number, or on one sort of bet, not taking in consideration what chances does he have of winning, the outcome of the game might be tragic for him. Make sure when you play this game you don’t listen to your feelings. This is one area where it is not good. Rational thinking is the best way to avoid financial disaster. Think about your possibilities and then play.