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Before playing an actual Roulette game, any player must first know the rules of the game. Familiarize yourself with the Roulette etiquette before playing or you might end up barred in the casino.

Do not believe everything you read in Roulette books. There is no truth to that "no miss" Roulette systems. Roulette remains to be an amusement based on luck. There are no complicated mathematical or statistical formulas that a player needs to learn to win a game of Roulette. You only have two chances in Roulette, either you win or you lose. It's pure luck. Casino dealers may pressure you to give tips but there are measures that address this form of manipulation in Roulette games.

Practice and read literatures about Roulette before actually playing it. This will help the player understand the nature of the game and how the whole roulette wheel works.

For first time Roulette players, first to do is to find a European Roulette wheel. Since the European Roulette wheel has one less number in its wheel, this can significantly increase your chances of winning. Unfortunately, in most Las Vegas casinos, rare would you find European wheels.

Do not attempt to start betting with the 35:1 payout. Manage your money wisely. You are not playing Roulette to give away your money so think and plan before betting. Start on the low and high bets and gradually advance in the game. Do not be too ambitious in Roulette. If you wager big time in very big Roulette payouts, you might just lose all your money in a single turn of the wheel. The payouts in Roulette follow some logic. The higher the Roulette payout, the more difficult it is hit.

Money management is a must for Roulette players. Learn to divide winnings and never attempt to recover losses by betting double or higher. Do not waste all that Roulette winnings in a single turn of the wheel. The goal is to stay longer in the Roulette wheel and to have as more fun as possible. Minimize your bets when you are losing consecutively in the Roulette game. Better still, stop for a while or look for another Roulette wheel to play.

Lastly, since Roulette is still one of the most social games in the casino, don on your nicest clothes, have a great drink and chat with people around you. Roulette playing isn't just about the money you may win. Roulette is more on the fun of playing the wheel.